Not able to scrape the whole page

Hi ,

I am not able to scrape a web page completely as it does not have any next button it is a single page with no specific buttons

example i need to scrape google reviews for limelite,

when i tried it am getting the data which appeared ,i tried sending hot keys but no luck and also image exists too.

can someone help me in scrapping the whole page which consists of 149 reviews.

Can you send the link of the webpage

just type Google reviews for limelite ANNA NAGAR,on right click on google reviews


i want name and description review of the page.

I am able to achieve with same example. I would like to see if anyone could give any better solution as I am not the UiPath expert.
I have done few following tricks:

  1. First click on first record using “Click Span” which would help to pass PageDn hot key.
  2. As there aren’t fix number of pages so I have build my own logic for it. Assuming average review size won’t be more than 1 page so that number of page downs would be equal to total number of reviews. In your example, 149 reviews which mean 149 PgDwn. For which I am using a simple loop concept.
  3. More important logic in data scraping as I have removed following bold line from ExtractMetadata xml which was changing on every refresh and just kept static class which was enough in this example
    <//webctrl tag=‘div’ class=‘r-inyopkxK0S5E’ idx=‘1’/>
    <//webctrl tag=‘div’ class=‘gws-localreviews__general-reviews-block’ idx=‘1’/> (16.1 KB) eral-reviews-block’ idx=‘1’/>

You need to do few more changes to make it general solution as I have majorly done on just your given example. But I am sure with very small changes, it would work as general solution. Pass URL dynamically, and very few other changes.

Can you please share the final working file? I am attempting to do the same task and I am stuck. My original flowchart I built worked but it only returned 10 of the 133 reviews, due to the issue with the page scrolling identified by @Karthik_Kulkarni. Also, in google the whole review will not immediately show for longer entries you need to click the “more” button to see the full review.

@aman.kumar.monga.09 When I downloaded your file and hit play I received the following error:

Click ‘SPAN’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Thank you in advance for the help!