Not able to save excel using read cell and write cell in excel application scope


I am trying to save an excel file using read cell and write cell activity in Excel Application Scope. When running the code, it is throwing an error saying ‘Sheet does not Exist’, though the sheet is present in the excel file.

“message”: “System.ArgumentException\r\nInvoke workflow file: Invoke: Formatting: Read Range\r\nThe sheet does not exist”,
“level”: “Error”,
“timeStamp”: “11:10:12”,
“fileName”: “Main”,
“jobId”: “edf36a94-ff1a-4d1d-bf24-39c2596f904a”

send your read range activity screenshot

please attach workflow.

Equilend_Formatting.xaml (44.8 KB)

in which activity this error occurred? while reading or writing?

Getting the below error:

Invoke workflow file: Invoke: Equilend Formatting: Read Cell
The sheet does not exist

execute your workflow until 1.Moving Sheet 'Break' to new Workbook and check the excel sheet that the DailySheet is available or not

you have a quite a workflow. :upside_down_face:

You have used all shortcut key to copy the excel item,create new excel(dailysheet), changed name,paste value into new excel, saved it ,navigated to A1 cell. And after that you trying to use UiPath activity “read cell”

I really don’t get it unless your not doing this in citrix why didn’t you use all the excel activity available to read excel ,copy the datatable to another excel and again read from new excel.

1.excel application scope(master file path) range (output datatable)
3. excel application scope(daily file path)
4.write range (pass as input datatable)

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There is a lot of formatting involved after pasting the data from master file to daily file, that I had removed from this workflow before posting it here for simplicity.
Once the formatting is complete, I need to save the daily file for which I want to use read cell and write cell which is not working.