Not able to run UIRobot.exe after release of new version of UIPath


I am not able to run UIPath Robot.exe after new release - 19.8.0.
Earlier I was able to run this robot by below my code using Command prompt. now it is not working and giving me this Error.

***My Code:-[

***Error I am getting:-

UiRobot 19.8.0+Branch.master.Sha.680d3a6b9a242ff3a0f9a32b7bf3faba605524aa
c UiPath
Verb ‘C:\Users\shubham.f.jain\Desktop\FirstOCR\InvoiceAutomation\PDFReadwithNative.xaml’ is not recognized.

–help Display this help screen.

–version Display version information.

execute usage: UiRobot execute [–process <package_id> | --file <file_path>] [–input <input_params>] [–fol
er <folder_id>]
UiRobot execute --process UiPathDemo
UiRobot execute --process UiPathDemo --folder 123 --input “{‘inArg’:‘value’}”
UiRobot execute --file “C:\UiPath\Project\project.json”
UiRobot execute --file “C:\UiPath\Project\Main.xaml” --folder 123 --input “{‘inArg’:‘value’,‘integer’:
UiRobot execute --file “C:\UiPath\Project\Notepad.1.0.6682.21636.nupkg”

pack usage: UiRobot pack <project_path> -o <destination_folder> [-v ]
UiRobot pack “C:\UiPath\Project\project.json” --output “C:\UiPath\Package”
UiRobot pack “C:\UiPath\Project\project.json” --output “C:\UiPath\Package” -v 1.0.6820.22047

connect usage: UiRobot connect [–url <server_url> --key <machine_key>] | [–connectionString <connection_st
UiRobot connect
UiRobot connect --url --key 696CCA0C-D347-48CE-8ADF-F65BBC2F15DE
UiRobot connect --connectionString

disconnect usage: UiRobot disconnect

trace usage: UiRobot trace --enableLowLevel | --disableLowLevel
UiRobot trace --enableLowLevel
UiRobot trace --disableLowLevel


Hi @shubhamjn012

Is this xaml file included in your UiPath project solution? Or is it available at the specified location?

It is available at specified location only, at my Desktop.

so is it necessary to keep this ‘xaml’ file in the UIPath project solution, actually I have created this project (PDFReadwithNative.xaml) in separate machine then after development I moved in to another machine, but in new machine it was working fine in 19.7.0 version, but after up-gradation to new version 19.8.0 only it started throwing this error.

what is default path for UIPath Projects ?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando , please help me here, how can I execute this package by the robot.exe using above code in UIPath 19.8.0 Version. if I need move my code to any specific location then please suggest ?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando , I got the solution of this Problem, only because of ‘/file’ argument I were getting this error, when I replaced with ‘-file’ then it worked fine [issue with - and / in latest version]. Thank you for your help…


Hey @shubhamjn012

Now only I saw your message. Anyways glad to know its resolved… great work…


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