Not able to run process completely using Action Center

Hi Everyone,

I’m using **Action Center ** for testing purpose. I have developed a small code to test but when i run the process it is not running completely. It is going till for approval then my process is ending. i’m not able to run the process after approval. can anyone guide me how to solve this issue.
I have ran this process through Orchestrator.

I’m attaching my code below. (89.4 KB)

Hi @Learner007 ,

According to your code, an Action Center task will be created but that will be unassigned and you would have to assign that to yourself and complete the task from action center.

After you complete your action center task, then your process will be automatically resumed if you have published it to orchestrator…and if you are running it from studio then you will be able to resume the process after the task is completed.

Hi @ahmad.sultan I’m assigning that ticket to me and I’m approving but still it’s not working. Once it goes to approval stage process is stopping even if i approve that ticket also it’s not working.

Checked on your code, why is there no loop in it? you also have not assigned a task catalog.

Task catalogs are task containers, where you can categorize your tasks based on various criteria. The catalog in which a task resides is set at task creation using the Create Form Task activity in Studio. The catalog must be defined beforehand in Orchestrator. If you define a catalog which hasn’t been created in Orchestrator beforehand, the task is generated in Orchestrator with no catalog. Details here.