Not able to run bot

Hi friends

I am able run process on my developement PC.
But getting the below error when i try from Robot machine.

i uninstalled once and tried , it doesnt work.
Need some help :frowning:

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Hi @oshan

I think the error is thrown from one of the log message activities… See whether you are trying to pass something that it cannot capture? It looks something like that… :thinking:

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Not only log message… i cannot execute any process.
But i am able run on my local machine. in remote desktop only i am getting this error.
Might be package issue . dono how to resolve it

What versions of Studio, Robot, Orchestrator?
Have you checked to see if your activities packages that you need are available to download from your Robot machine, maybe there is a firewall blocking the download?

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Hi @oshan,
You have check few things

  1. Check your robot machine able to download your develop package and depencies
  2. Check your development machine studio version match with your robot version
    ((IF differ there may some compatibility issues ))
  3. i hope this robot is attended as I see, check your proxy/firewall is blocking download packages, if then copy manually all nuget packages in to your robot machine
  4. you dont need a license acquire to install studio into your robot machine as per the troubleshooting purposes (allow you to troubleshooting and debug without licences your studio)
    So install studio to ur robot machine and run debug will show you the error

Hi Maneesha_de_silva

Thanks a lot. when i opened studio for trouble shooting,
Studio automatically added dependencies.

This issue is resolved now.

Not sure if i have to open studio for all my processes after deploying it.


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you are always welcome

its might depend with your new development , anyways keep the studio on troubleshooting mode for all robots , will solve most of the issues :sunglasses:

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