Not able to retrieve data from PDF

Hi all,

I am getting an issue while reading and copying data from PDF.

I’m using READPDF activity to read PDF files. I have two input PDF’s and both of them contains same company code which is used as an anchor to copy the data in to excel.

When read the PDF 1, data is being copied to excel but when I use the same workflow for the 2nd pdf, data is not getting populated in to excel.

I tried writing data of the both PDF in to a .txt file and it seems that data retrieved from both of the files are same visually. But when written to excel, data is one of the pdf is not getting populated.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.


how are you copying the data in excel?

a basic question-> are you using write range or append range?
write range will overwrite the dat and append range will add it further

Suggest you to debug and see if the value is getting extracted or not from the pdf. you will see the value getting extracted correctly in the Local panel while debugging

So both pdf’s are read correctly ? It is just writing in excel that goes wrong? Are you first adding the rows to a table, or is it 1 pdf per sheet in excell?

If data is returned from Read PDF Text, then please show how you process this to excell.
Might be that you accidently overwrite it?