Not able to Provision the bot with Orchestrator with 2019.9.2 version

Hi All,

I am trying to connect bot with orchestrator community edition, please find below image:
As we can see Create button is disabled due to which I am not able to proceed.

In this latest version I am facing problem earlier with 4.4 version able to connect successfully.

Also, in the sample video, may be that is not d latest one, we can see that Domain/username field is there nut in the latest edition of orchestrator it is not present

I think you need to scroll down here a bit more

there you would be able to find the domai\username

Cheers @caggarwal

Thanks Palaniyappan

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You need to put your domain to enable it @caggarwal

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Getting below error after entering even domain name

this would help you

Cheers @caggarwal

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Now getting below error even after fixing as mentioned in the link provided by u.

Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @caggarwal

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Thanks Palaniyappan, working fine.

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