Not able to post my processes

May I know the exact error?.Please help on this issue.

@ganesh_rajan - Is there is any robot available for scheduling process. Can you check ?

No!seems like robot free

Can you check robot and machine created in orchestrator.

Yes it was created.

Hi, @ganesh_rajan,

Did you assign the robot to a specific environment?

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Before i assigned.but that one i removed

@ganesh_rajan - please add environment and add your corp credentials to access that environment.


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Click the Manage Icon in the right side part of the row.

Click the Manage Icon and check the robot. Then click update.
Hope this helps.

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thanks… I got it

do you know about this issue?

Hi @ganesh_rajan,
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Hi @ganesh_rajan,
With regards to that, please check this post by @PranayaSahu.

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