Not able to perform click activity in Informatica

Hello Everyone,

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Trying to automate the process in Informatica IDD using UiPath. Here I need to click on drop down which is in right side menu.
However I am unable to click. When I am trying to select total right side menu as one window. Due to this I am unable to perform click

Please let me know any one have an idea/suggesstions would be helpful.


Hi @AshwinMuthyam,
It might be that your application is not compatible with UiPath (in terms of UiElements). In that case you can try to use Computer Vision package and it’s activities.

Hi @AshwinMuthyam

Firstly, is scripting allowed in Informatica IDD? In other words, are you able to detect other elements in Informatica IDD using UiPath. If so, you can try to use the highlight function in UiExplorer to try to find the element that you want to click.

If not, you can treat the menu as a Citrix environment (Image), you can allow the robot to click it using ‘Click Image’ activity where you have to specific the image for the robot to click.

Additionally you can use the Computer Vision activity by downloading the package named UiPath.AI.ComputerVision. Essentially, it uses neural networks to help identify elements without the use of selectors. You may read more about it here: