Not able to pass variable/argument in connection string

I am trying to pass connection string in connect to database activity, from the orchestrator asset. But when I enter variable name in connection string and try to run its giving me error.
When I hardcode the values its working fine. can someone help me?
Attaching screenshot of error for your reference.


Thanks in advance.


Can you print the Asset value and share the screenshot of it.

Hi @lakshman


this was exact format of string when Hardcoded the values.
using concatenation I have created this format.

Hi @Ulhas_Guttikar ,

The Value from the Asset may be different, we would want you to Check the Asset value by printing using Write Line Activity.

Also, Provide us the dynamic version of connection string you are using i.e with the variable.

Can we add those extra double quotes before the variable & after? For Eg: “”"" + variable + “”""

Hi @ashwini.kempraj
Tried that not working. :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @supermanPunch
Right now I am passing the value through a variable and getting error.

@ashwini.kempraj ,

What is the Error Message that you receive ?


Hi @Ulhas_Guttikar,

Could you please share the screenshot of the hardcoded value that is passed to a variable.

@Ulhas_Guttikar , Can you try without using Double Double Quotes ? Like this :



if I hardcode the values then only it is working fine.

already tried, not working :disappointed_relieved:

@Ulhas_Guttikar , That is Strange.

Check if there are two variables having the same name.

only one variable is there of that name.

Please try with 4 double quotes on each side. Eg: “”"" + variable + “”""