Not able to operate UI path

I have UI path- community version set up which was working. In ui path folder I can see 3 versions 19.5.0 , 19.6.0 and 19.2.2. The last version that I used was 19.5.0.
Now when I try to open community edition it asks for “activation” and I don’t know device ID ( because UI path tool doesn’t allow to see Device ID during activation but asks to enter it )

Now only the option is to start it using orchestrator but for that we have to use robot and when try to connect to robot it say "Task canceled ". For Task cancelled I have already searched for topics and I had my older issue for same but all the solutions mentioned under task cancelled are not working for me.

I am able to log in to and able to see dashboard and other things.
Also in machine section in orchestrator portal, I can see that it shows installed versions as 19.5.0 and hence most of the attempt to connect to UI path robot, I was launching 19.5.0 robot .exe . ( I have already verified the “service” path and it is properly pointing to required robot and I am in my home network)

So now I have 2 issue

  1. I can’t get inside studio
  2. Always getting task cancelled

It would be helpful to know how to get device ID and how to permanently solve this “task canceled issue” . It is now a case that we never know when this task cancelled can come up.

Hello @vaibhavp2

Welcome back to the community after a long time…

You can easily solve the activation problem by updating the studio to the latest version of the community edition which is 19.10… in the new version you don’t need to activate again and again as it is handled automatically.

Uninstall the Studio, and download and install the latest from the cloud platform… it will work for you

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Thanks for feedback, I will try uninstallation all existing and install 19.10 step.