Not able to neviagte to subpage from a hyperlink

in my automation there is a hyperlink when clicked on it opens a new instance of the respective browser, so what happening is bot is not able to go to that page ,
i tried uisng Shift+ctrl+tab, also tried using attach browser window nthing is working so for,
i just want to nevigate to next page when clicked on that link what can i do folks please help me out, thanx


you can use "activate " to activate the particular tabs. can you try that?

someone suggested me this, but didnt understand , can u just just explain in some detail what to do exactly , that will be huge help

There is an activity called “Activate”.

You can indicate the selector for the newly opened window in this. This activity will bring the particular tab forward.

after this , you can use attach browser and keep performing automation.

actually its not the tab, what happening is when i am clicking on a hyperlink it is opening new instance of browser, i tried suing nevigate it wont work. i need my bot to go to total new browser window