Not able to navigate to the client information page

Hello Team,
I am not able to navigate to client information page although that workflow is showing passed.for that reason getting below error in System1_ExtractClientInformation workflow.
Error: Attach Browser ‘iexplore.exe ACME’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@Rathin, the attach broswer selector is broken you need to redo the selector

I guess that is because while executing ‘navigate to WiDetails’,client information page was not opened and extract_ClientInformation is on that browser.
Please help how to correct it.

Also when i have executed the NavigateTo_WiDetails workflow separately by using hardcoded value,It is giving “404 [Routes]” error.Uploaded

hardcodedValue the SS.
Please help.

@Rathin, i think thats because “503585” is referencing a document, and probably that doc nolonger exists.

Just remove that number on your navigate to and try again.

@Rathin oh wait that’s the instruction on the document right, then don’t remove it :thinking:

Can you reset the test data on ACME system and then try again and let me know

i used that number “503585” just to check separately navigating workflow is working or not.And i got that id from the list of WIID of WI5type.

sure, have you reset the test data yet?

yes @SenzoD, I have reset the data.for first data it is working fine.But for second data i am getting below error again.
Please help.

@Rathin, just recapture the selector again, it will work.

Done but getting same error again.
@SenzoD,Please help.

@Rathin, can you remove that selector and paste this one in:

<html title='ACME System 1 - Dashboard' url='' />

Did that but still getting same error.Below is the SS for the same.

@Rathin, Thats strange, try this one aswell:

<html title='ACME System * - Dashboard' url='' />

Tried,but now getting a different error in Go Back activity.Please find below error SS.

@Rathin, Just make sure the Go Back activity is inside the attach browser,

otherwise check out the below see if it helps:

I kept the Go Back activity inside a attach browser activity.It works fine.Thanks for the help.

Awesome, glad i could help

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