Not able to move to next rows in an excel using for each row and for each loops

I am new to UIPath and i’m trying to read all rows in an excel but i am stuck with a problem i could not able to read/move to next row except row 1 the loop ends the reading with only one row. how could I take the control to next rows in the excel?


In read range activity make range option empty(no double quotes nothing just empty)

Use foreach row activity to loop through datatables

And use box statement
Row(“column name”).tostring

If you want to use counters then

Use assign stage

Data = dtExcel.rows(counter).item(“column name”).tostring

Just loop till
Counter is less than or equal to dtExcel.rows.count

@rahatadi Thanks for your quick response. I want to read the excel values horizontally anyway I have found the solution in this thread How to read excel data cell by cell column wise (horizontally)"

Again. Thanks a lot @rahatadi :grinning:

Good to know…:slight_smile:


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