Not able to loop through list of strings and split which as more than 2 spaces

wordpress.pdf (42.6 KB) as in pdf
it has “demo - slices invoices” “order number” “12345”
i need to get strings like this after reading pdf and splitting it


what activity did you use ?

was it read pdf with OCR or screen scarpping ?

read pdf text

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv,

split the result (Result.Split({environment.NewLine},stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)) with newline and extract the data through using the regular expressions

How to loop through lists and split which has more than 2 or more spaces chechk this post this is my problem

here you go buddy (50.7 KB)
hope its resolved

Cheers @Pradeep_Shiv

hey , please go through this code @Palaniyappanwordpress.pdf (42.6 KB) i want it likes this i want to extract every row and store it in list of strings test11.xaml (18.0 KB)

run this file once and i should get the output same for every row, i’m splitting on basis of spaces if there is one space i need it as same one block if more spaces in between ive to delete and get the next block sample pdf is attached please check


fine buddy
Cheers @Pradeep_Shiv (49.7 KB)