Not able to login to web page using anchor base activity

I have tried to login the web page using anchor base activity to ensure the right field to key in the username and password. But facing issue that I’m not able to select the right field for the password as it keep jumping back to username field to enter my password. Please advise. Thank you.

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It sounds like there is an issue with the selectors for the password input field. You are going to need to make the selectors for the password input field more specific, as right now they seem to be too general that the robot thinks that both of the username and password input fields are the same. Try and see if you can add any selectors that are specific only to that input field.

You can find additional selectors in the UI Explorer tab. When in UI Explorer, look for any Unselected items on the right hand side that maybe say “Password” or something else specific only to that input field.

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Thank you for the reply. I can only see the following items :slight_smile: How to add any selector that are specify to that password field.

If you are getting the proper selectors, then no need of using the anchor base just use the proper selectors.
If you are not getting any proper selectors then use

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there is no need to use anchor base activity if Optimize selectors are selected in UiExplorer

Indicate element and spy field. Once selectors are validated. Click on highlight option to see your selection.

Yes, I did not use anchor base previously and normal type into for password and username work perfectly. Do not know why faced such issue now that the selector is not work properly. Anyone know is there a changes causing such issue. Thank you.

I have indicated the field and use highlight to test on it . It looks fine but come to run , it hey wire , keep going to username field to type in my password.

Just want to check a couple of things:

  • Do you have the Chrome extension installed and enabled?
  • Are all of these activities wrapped inside an Open Browser or Attach Browser activity?
  • In the Anchor Base activity, is the AnchorPosition property set to Left?

Let’s go in a simple warlike use SEND HOT KEY activity
Use that activity with key as tab and use n number of send hot key activity with key as tab until it reaches the field we want
Once after reaching use type into activity with input string
Then again send hot key activity with key as enter

It’s more like how we access the elements of a UI just with keyboard

Cheers @Perri

Yes for all :slight_smile: but still not working. Keep key the password in the username field as I can see the cursor at password field but it jump back to username field again.

Is it happening the same when done manually

Finally solved. I need to use the CV to handle the login to web browser. Greatly appreciated your helpful info. Thank you.

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