Not able to iterate the excel rows

Preformatted textIn guru99 web site ( I am trying to add 10 customer details.

  1. first have taken data in excel sheet and converted in data table
    2)“guruworkflowneetobeinvoked.xaml” work flow file created “out” arguments.
    3)“guru99website.xaml” I invoked “guruworkflowneetobeinvoked.xaml” work flow file and tried to loop through data table using while activity.

I have iterated as well

expected result : all the ten records should be added successfully.
Actually result :only first record is adding for 10 times as it was looped until total number of rows

please find the work flow files and do let me know what I have missed.

Attachments are missing.

i am not able to upload attachements
as its prompting new user cannot upload documents

Hi Uday,

Try using ‘For each Row’ activity to loop/iterate instead of ‘While’ activity.