Not able to Install Uipath in my laptop


I am not able to install Uipath in my laptop. herewith attached the screenshot

UIPath Error

Please resolve the issue asap.


@Udayakumar_Selvaraj just make sure your machine specs meets the requirements.

Otherwise try uninstalling everything UiPath in your computer and restart your machine or download the installation file again it might have gotten corrupted when you downloaded.

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I checked its matching the requirement. Please see the below machine specs
Processor - Intel® Core™ i5 CPU @2.67GHz
Installed Ram - 6.00 GB (3.43 GB usable)
system type - 32 bit Operating system

I hope its shouldnt be any problem based on machine specs? Please let me know



I tried to uninstall, restart the machine and after installing once again then the same issue is coming.


hi @Udayakumar_Selvaraj,

Before installing it again delete following folders,

  1. %localappdata%\UiPath
  2. %ProgramData%\UiPath
  3. %userprofile%\.nuget\packages

Once done, try re-installation now.


  1. %localappdata%\UiPath — its done
  2. %ProgramData%\UiPath — its done
  3. **%userprofile%.nuget\packagesCapture ** — its error is coming–not available… Attached the screenshot

Once again i installed… same issue is coming.



Dude deleting .nuget folder is also important,
it should be in —> C:\Users\*UserName*\.nuget
delete it first and then try reinstallation process.


Before installing i ensured the below folder got deleted.

  1. %localappdata%\UiPath— its done
  2. %ProgramData%\UiPath---- its done
  3. C:\Users*UserName*.nuget ---- there is no nuget folder

I installed once again then now i am also facing the same issue. attached the laptop details for your refernce. i am using Dell Latitude E5410… just fyi


which .Net Framework version do you have on your machine…it should be atleast 4.6.1

here some requirements you should check.

.Net framework version maximum having 4.0…

Could you pls suggest how to update the latest version?

I search from google and downloaded the latest version… now its installed.

Thanks for your support.



Glad to help you. :grinning: