Not able to Install the Uipath studio after uninstall it

Uninstalled the UiPath studio and try to reinsatll it but it showing the error as attched here. I have deleted all the UiPath related files but still getting this same error. Please help me on this.

Hi @Rahul_Manu ,
pls check
Go to this location and double click on JS Services and check again
if any contain “UiPath RobotJS”
→ delete it
then re-install Studio

AppData\Local\Programs\ in this location there is no UiPath folder now already deleted that. Is there any other solution?

The notification is in your PC have task “UiPath RobotJS”
pls check all of disk, or find “UiPath RobotJS”
The reset Window of PC will delete all old files in C:
but will annoy you with other applications

I have Searched in both disc in my PC for this file but nothing there in my PC related with this.

Have you try shutdown PC then start it then reinstall again

Yes, Several times try to insatll after shutdown and restart PC.

You can follow this to solve about the installation


Let me know once try @Rahul_Manu

The issue related with install UiPath is resolved, Thank You for all of yours help.
But now it shows some issue related with license.

issue fixed by following steps in below link

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