Not able to Install Package

HI Team,

I am not able to install documentUnderstanding, ocractivities, pakages in my system.
Please Help me

Rishabh Chauhan

Hello @rishabh.chauhan

Which version of uipath are you using? Also whats the error that you are getting?



You have to install the dependencies indicated.

Is this a custom library that you have created? Inside that package do you have some other dependent packages , like document understanding?

If yes install those and try to install this custom package.

sorry Mistakely I am attached Wrong Screeshot.

That issue i am facing.

Hi @rishabh.chauhan

Can you please try to install the Stable version.


I also Try But Not Working

@rishabh.chauhan Can you try to install 1.13.2 version and see how it goes

HI Ushu,

I am trying with 1.13.2 to install but it Also Showing same issue.

Rishabh Chauhan

Hi team,

Please Help Me I am Not able to add any Packages in my system.
the Required Perequisites for Add Packages

In My system Is having same version.

then Why I am Not able to Add Packages.

Rishabh Chauhan