Not able to install community edition

I am not able to install the community edition. On trying to run the .exe I am prompted to choose the programme to open the .exe file.

Please help.


Sounds like a System issue. What OS are you using? Are you able to install another application without problem?


I am using win 7 and I am able install all other apps. Recently installed Python, Juypter and various apps for Deep Learning.
I also trying to download from there the error I get is “Its not a valid win32 application”



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hey thanks a lot, the link has worked.

appreciate the help, thanks again.

Hi, any suggestion on how to install community edition on MAC book. I get an error all the time.21%20PM


UiPath is not supported on MacOS. See here for a full list of supported systems:


You could deploy a Win7/Win10 cloud VM (Azure/AWS) and install UiPath Studio there.

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