Not able to identify b/w 2 Pop up and select the button accordingly

i am struggling to identtify the popup and choose save button in the popups.
Popup 1 - we select 10 on this popup as shown below.

Popup 2 .

on popup 2 I am checking the checkbox selection then I am save the changes made by me in popup 2 .and then saving the button on popup 2. but when going through bot not able to select save button on popup 2 in palce of that it is choosing save button on popup 1. Can some one tell me how to choose the button in popup 2 first.

Hi @shashank_dullu

Have you tried using attach window for popup 2 and then tried using click on Save

or use Click on Text Activity

Ashwin S

Hi @shashank_dullu,

Try using click image option

Thank you

Arun vs