Not able to get the Selectors on Microsoft word and PDF DC 19

How to obtain the Selectors on Microsoft Office(word,Excel etc) and PDF DC 19?

Selectors on PDF:-


The identification of individual elements on a PDF document depends on the application which is used to open the file.

If the file is opened in the browser like Chrome, Edge the selectors will not be generated. 

If the same PDF is opened in another pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat, Foxit we may be able to get the selectors.


 Please be informed that in Adobe Reader DC version is 2019/19, this is a known issue (same is mentioned in UiPath guide ), In this case, downgrade to 2018 and share the outcome with UiPath Support.


For Office Application(Word, Excel).


Both word and Excel expose the Menu items for the selection. 


To be able to identify the individual cell of an Excel please change the spy mode to UiA.

In a word document, we will be able to identify the elements only if it has been inserted as an object like Table, text, etc and the mode of selection is UiA.