Not able to get the Output from Document Understanding after uploading forms in that

I am not able to extract the data using Machine learning Extractor after putting the value of Endpoint as the link provided by document understanding after uploading the forms in it.
While Testing it in the studio it is giving as empty fields.
Not a single field is extracted from it.
So can anyone suggest what to do??

Hi @Kunal_Jain

Can you please explain in detail about the forms and where are the forms being uploaded to.


There was a new release for the document understanding by Daniel learner where he showed us to use document understanding in AI Center, and after uploading the forms in that we get an endpoint link which we have to paste into our studio code under Machine Learning Extractor.
But while running the code we are not able to extract the value.

Hi @Kunal_Jain

Once the End Point is Pasted , did you manage to “Get capabilities” .

In Data Extraction Scope Please click on Configure Extractor and once you click on “Configure Extractor” a page appears , click on the settings Icon as highlighted below.

Once clicked a small window appears “Click on Get Capabilities” as highlighted.


And finally map all the fields and click on Save.

Hope this helps.


Yes that Worked
Thank you Very Much

Hi @Kunal_Jain

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