Not able to Get Text for UI Element


I’m not able to read Status-Running using Get Text
Can someone suggest what to do .



What kind of application it is ?

@lakshman Its a web application

Hi @Vamsit2030

Looks like you are reading from a table in your web application. How about using the Data scraping wizard to get the data from that table? Then you can get the values from that datatable variable


Have you tried with Data scraping because it looks like structured data.

Hi @Vamsit2030,

Kindly try with screen scraping with full text if possible or else go for screen scraping with OCR text. This would give you the value of the status.

There are few more options in your pocket that you can pick to get that status. kindly have a look as any of these option can help you out,
–Find relative element activity keeping status as anchor region and drag the region of the status as clipping region, This could give you the status
–Data scrapping as per our community colleagues suggestion, that could fetch you datatable and you can get the value of the status by assign activity
Status_Value = DT.Rows(0)(“Status”).ToString

Hope this would help you



Yes I tried Screen scraping and I’m able to get the text now

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Thats amazing…Keep going…!