Not able to get queue data for other Tenancy using UiPath API


I am not able to get data from Queue if the tenancy is other that default while using UiPath API.

I am passing Tenancy Name while authentication and that is success(status 200) and using this result in Bearer auth_headers while retrieving data from Queue.

This is working fine if it default tenancy and getting Response 500 and message as “An error has occurred”

Please help me on this and let me know if any more details required.

Hi @Bala96

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Is it about your own installation of Orchestrator? If yes, which version?


Thanks for Quick response.

This is not mine.It is enterprise edition of our company.
Version : 2018.4.3

It seems like a strange issue. If I understand correctly, you have two sets of credentials: tenant name, username or email and a password and one set of those works and returns the bearer token and the other one does not?

I will suggest right away to contact our technical support, just in case it is something more tricky to debug and very specific to your configuration.


Both returning Bearer token(status 200) but i am not able to get Queue data for tenancy other than default one.

Thus, the exact same API call, just with a different bearer token, does not work? :confused:

Yes, I am passing tenant name while authorization as below:-

body = {
‘tenancyName’:Default or Other
‘usernameOrEmailAddress’: xyz
‘password’: xyz
I am changing the tenancy name while authorization. Do i need send tenancyName while trying to get data from Queues ?
Also i am not facing issue while adding data to Queues

I would suggest contacting our support for more assistance.