Not able to get mails from Sent items

Hi Team,

I am using client mailbox the sentbox is in different subfolder.

Trying to fetch the mails from sent items but “Get IMAP Mail Messages: The requested folder could not be found.”,

Could anyone guide me please…


Can you post how you are giving the path to the activity @Snehamayi?

“sent box\sent” in mail folder IMap properties

Are you sure that you have the same format you have in the mail? @Snehamayi

Can you post that one as well

ya it is same format…

Inside sent box folder we have sent subfolder. but it is not fetching the mails

Please check the spaces and the case letters if you are missing any? @Snehamayi

ya but folder names are in japanese

Then you need to copy and paste the same @Snehamayi