Not able to find the reqired activity for Customer OnBoarding

I went through the video and tried to replicate the same use case.

But I’m not able to find the package called ‘H20’ .How can I install the package?

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K,
Could you link the site from which you have got this video?

Hi @Pablito ,
Thanks for the reply.
I just went through the YouTube channel of UiPath in search of few use cases that I can automate. Thus, I got this video.
Can I do the same process in this video for Gmail also?

If I correctly understand it was just a demo where UiPath worked in co-operation with other company, to show how potentially you could handle automation for Banking. This H2O activity was an AI-based custom activity that was trained in their environment to make a proper classification for emails.

I think that with a properly trained model you can do it with any mail provider.

@Pablito ,
Thanks for the reply.
Can you explain how to create and train the model? .Is there any video explaining the process?

Here you can read a little bit about an introduction to the AI Center :slight_smile: