Not able to find CODE and WEB API Feature in Studio

Hi Team,

Currently i am using 2016.2.6274 UiPath Studio version, i couldn’t able to find CODE Tab in Studio, is it related to Enterprise or any latest feature.

Could you please help me to understand on this.


Where do you think you should be able to see a CODE tab?

I presume you are looking for the Web API feature. It requires you install a package which is not included in the initial install. Follow these instructions to go to the Package Manager and search for “Web”. You’re looking for the UiPath.Web.Actvities package which contains JSON, REST, SOAP & XML activities.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for Replay.

I couldn’t find after installing Packages, i am able to see SOAP,XML Activities.

i am looking below marked Features.

Hi Scott,

Installing packages won’t change the information on the ribbon. This is only updated in new versions of UiPath Studio. Items are quite frequently removed by the UiPath team if they are not deemed to be particularly useful. You should be able to see all of the Web API activities under App Integration such as SOAP, REST, etc in the activities pane

JSON activities are now held separately in Programming.

Does that cover all you need?


Hi richard,

thanks for replay, i understand as below correct me if i am wrong.

  1. Web API removed, bcoz no demand, we can use activities instead of Web API.
  2. CODE tab is new studio feature.