Not able to extract all the fields of invoice to excel

Hi, I am trying to extract invoice data using Omni page ocr. I am able to validate all the data in the present validation station stage and submit it successfully. but the table items in the invoice are not being written to the excel file. only the fields like invoice umber, po number can be seen in excel but not the line items. please help me on how to configure this

merge datatable configuration
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 7.40.45 PM

data table configuration

@Varun_kuturu - table items by default will be written in the separate sheet.

but in my case i can’t see them, is there any configuration for that. I am either getting normal items or table items into one xlsx file the output activity I am using is write range and looks like this

@Varun_kuturu - First please try like this and make sure your Line items are writing in a different sheet.

If I am not wrong, tableitems will be stored in the different datatable since you gave table(0) it is not taking second element in the export datatable.

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