Not able to drag main page

Hello Connection
i need to darg the mainpage in the the box , can anyone solve


I think you can only call the page or create another page or as a sub page of the main

You Won’t be able to drag I believe

Cheers @Tejaswini_Yadav

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav ,

You can’t drag the same page you are currently in, into the same page.

It has to be another page.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav ,

I do not think we can navigate to the Same Page from the Same Page.

Try creating another Page and Check if the Page appears in the Pages List.

That should conclude it . Normally we create multiple pages having Different Set of Fields.

U can not drag the same page actually u r in…So create another page u can drag…Thanks

yes i got it,
the issue resolved… Now App is working.
Thank u for suggestion

Thanks…Pls select solution button…It useful for others

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