Not able to drag and move the UiPath form while execution

Hi ,

I am not able to move UiPath forms while my bot is running.
Is it not possible ?

@Parth_Doshi Any suggestions on this

Hi @Happy_Coding - I guess it’s not possible to move the form during execution. It is from where the users inputting the data for the automation. So, I think you should wait until you submit the data.

Hi @Happy_Coding ,

Are you referring to when the UiPath Form is presented for inputs, you are not able to move the Form ?

Yes , @supermanPunch ,

When I am clicking any of the button in form , It starts the execution.

While the execution is going on I am not able to move the form. Do we have to wait for the execution to get completed ?

@Happy_Coding ,

Could you let us know what does this button perform ? Does it take a long time for the Background task to be completed when clicked on the Button in the Form.

It is extracting few fields from a webpage. It takes around 20 seconds to get completed.

@Happy_Coding ,

Could you provide us with a Screenshot of the properties of the Create Form Activity ?

@Happy_Coding ,

I am able to move the form even when there is an operation happening within the Form Do Block. Just used an Open Browser and a message Box inside it and as you can see from the Image below it is still in that state (red lines at the top of the form) but I am able to move it.

Let us know if something in the above mentioned manner is the working example of your process. Also let us know the Properties of the Create Form activity for further inspection.



@supermanPunch ,Please find attached images