Not able to downgrade UiAutomation Activities - Citrix - Remote Runtime

Hi everyone, I am working with a Citrix App, and the remote runtime plug in of UiPath. When I try to catch a selector, I am getting this error:


It say that I should downgrade my UiAutomationActivities Package to the version 20.4.2, 19.11.3… etc… But I cannot make that downgrade because the “manage package windows” doesn’t allow go to an older version than 21.10.1

Any idea?


Which version of citrix plug in you have…did you try upgrading?


Where can I see it?


Please check this for upgrading


Hi, @ajgb
if you can’t downngrade your package, you should try to update your remoteruntime, which is running on the server.
Look at this document, there is a table with the dependencies between UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package and UiPath Remote Runtime


This could be due to the older packages perhaps only being available for Windows - Legacy and not Windows compatibility.

Regardless I’d strongly suggest updating from a 2020 version. That is ancient history in terms of UiPath software these days.

Get the remote runtime updated on the Citrix App. It will solve other problems you’ll end up encountering I reckon.

Is there any risk for the processes that are currently in production using UiPath Activities Package version 19.10.1, if I update the UiPath Remote Runtime to the latest version?

Usually UiPath stuff is pretty good with backwards compatibility so older nugets can run on newer nugets, but there are some things that simply conflict. For example if you have two dependencies that both use the mail activities package, if one is too old then you will have issues due to a conflict with internal dependencies.

I think the remote runtime should be fine, but you should be aware of issues that could come up if you have multiple dependencies that use vastly different versions of the UiPath activities.

The safest route is of course to test in a testing environment, but as we all know, sometimes you don’t get a test environment. I hope you have one.