Not able to delete excel column

Hello all I am trying to delate a column “SheetName”.

But getting this error


Hi @happyfeat87,

If the Excel file is in your project, could you try updating the workbook path field as follows?



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Thanks for your response @muhammedyuzuak .

This is the full path of the input file.

“C:\Users\Dinesh\Desktop\Proposal run for automatic payment transactions WinGUI, Tcode F110\SRC_PAYMENT_PROPOSAL\Data\Input-SRC_PAYMENT_PROPOSAL(HANA-EN).xlsx”

I tried to create a new process and able to delete the column,

But I want to make changes in the existing project.

Can you share your project? Do you get an error when you give the full path in the project?

Yes. I tried with full path, still same error.

Sorry I am not able to share the project.

Understood. Can you share the error you got? Is it the same as above?

Yes. It’s same error.

It should not be the same error, but for a try, can you close excel by putting a kill activity before opening excel?

I can also suggest you to share the detailed screenshot of the flow for more suggestions.

Hello @happyfeat87

Did you typed the path or you selected the file by clicking on the folder icon in the excel scope activity?? Plz try by selecting file from the folder.

Also make sure SRC_LOG is the correct sheetname

I selected by clicking on folder icon.