Not able to create upload yearlly report and not able to generate hash code

I have completed all the task but in few workitem there is some issue generating error come when we submit th yearly report so I m not able to generate hash code…

Please suggest I think there is some issue in website or link on acme website.

I m attached error while upload the yearly report and getting error message below for vendor tax id


Please suggest on the same.

Urgtn basis


Could you please reset ACME data and then try again.


Hi Lakshman,

I already tried 2 time to reset the data but same error is occurred… due to which I m not able to complete my certification…

could you please suggest

More details in addition to lakshman said -

If you try to upload a file more than once, we encounter this error.
While we test we upload more than one time.
So every time you want to test, reset the test data and then run the workflow.

Karthik Byggari

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I will try again and let you know if any issue

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