Not able to create a robot

i have created a machine in the orchestrator

uipath assistant is connected with status connected and a license

but when I a trying to create a robot it says your machine already exists …

also in uipath studio it says detected unattended robot as the license type.

Now even I am unable to delete my machine name

Does this have any issues …

can anyone help?


Hi @Varun_Dharni,

The message you are getting is because the user who is logged in already has an unattended license allocated to his/her user in Orchestrator.

You cannot use the same used to create a different robot in Moder Folders as the user is activated and linked to a given robot machine already.

Another reason why you are getting the error message is because UiPath wants to ensure that unattended robots are not disturbed by other licenses (floating licenses) say a studio pro. This message is just to deter users from allocating a machine as unattended but also trying to use the unattanded machine as another robot type.

So the solution here is:

  1. If you want to allocate the robot, say studio pro to the same user you can deallocate the Unattended license to the user for a while until you finish using studio.

Modern Folders are a both a boon and a curse!

@jeevith Thanks for a detailed response but I am only using the default folder.

For the last 15 days, all things were working fine but for 2-3 days this problem came up.

I am suppose to perform some assets and queues exercises for which I need studio and connectivity with orchestrator via UiPath assistant …

also I am getting the following error coming in the form of email

#robot DESKTOP- machine name ( disconnected. (#1222)

Hi @Varun_Dharni,

We do get this error in one of our environments in default folder. The license clearly says we can use it for troubleshooting and UiPath understands that we cannot purchase a dedicated studio license and have unattended license at the same time and when we have to hotfix bugs in production, we require studio access.

As you will notice, you do not need any license, your studio will open and you can edits workflows there. Just ensure you use it for troubleshooting and not developing workflows in the production environment.

If you are using default folders and have purchased studio / studio pro then you just do what is necessary. Do not worry about the license warning, there is no other alternative, which I / we known of.

Let the license be allocated as it was earlier. Do your required edits even if you get this warning. It is after all for troubleshooting purposes.

@jeevith Thanks again for a detailed response.

I understand your views.

But I am able to create machines and NOT robots.

because of which no connectivity is there

how do I established the connectivity.

Can you please help on this ?