Not able to create a new team Project from UiPath

Hi Team
I am not able to create team foundation project from uipath

Could you please let me know about the issue status.

Hi @vignesd

Your error pop up is clearly saying that you do not have rights and you do not belong to Project Collection Build Administrators group.

This error you are getting because you do not have user rights to create a project on that server. contact your admin for permission or just ask to create that folder for you and permission.

For Further Information checkout following links:

tfsbuild - TFS Build Service Wizard Failing on 'Edit collection-level information' permission set to Allow - Stack Overflow

If you have admin account details then to setup admission permission checkout this link:

For new beginners like
if you wants to checkout these links:

Connecting your Project to a Source Control

How To Work On A Project Using TFS

How To Map A Project To A TFS Project

Thanks& Regards…!!

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Thanks for the update,
But by using Team foundation server/visual studio i am able to create a folder in a same system itself
only issue is by using uipath i’m not able to create,.

Hi @aksh1yadav,

I get the below error when tried to add a folder. please help me.

[ERROR] [UiPath.Workflow.Logging.StudioTraceListener] [24] System.Exception: Unable to perform add on C:\Users\Documents\UiPath\Test_Project\Sample Application.
at UiPath.Workflow.TreePanels.Workspace.VersionControlViewModel.AddItem_Execute(String path)