Not able to connect to Community Orchestrator from Ukraine


I am not able to connect to Orchestrator CE nor from Ukraine. Using VPN it works fine but why access is blocked from Ukraine?
Error message: ‘Access denied We are sorry. UiPath platform is not available in your country.’



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Hi @V_R

It looks like the site is blocked by your network service provider or for some other reason. If this is your office network check with your network administrator. If it’s your home network check with your ISP. It might help


Hello @Lahiru.Fernando

The site is blocked when I am connected to the office, home or mobile network.
I have doubts that all three providers are blocking the site.

In addition, it worked fine a couple of weeks ago - the last time I used it.

Thank you

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Looks like they have blocked it for some reason. I think you the best way is to contact your service provider and raise a complain to unblock the site. They may be having a reason to get it blocked…

Wonder why that is…

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Hi @V_R Please refer to post Restricted regions from downloading UiPath products - Error: 403 - Forbidden


looks like we need to find some other RPA tools :frowning: they just blocked whole Ukraine because of Crimea region. so sad

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Hi all,

Indeed, for the time being Ukraine is being blocked because we cannot differentiate between Crimeea and Ukraine IPs. We are working at a solution to mitigate it and we should have soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will keep you updated.


great to see such comments from UiPath team :slight_smile: hope you will find a solution.


Hi! UiPath Legal here.
Andra Ciorici is right on the reasoning and we are indeed trying to find a solution, while remaining compliant with applicable legislation. Pitching in with the answer in “legalese” stating UiPath’s position on the matter:

The use of the UiPath Cloud Platform is restricted in certain territories which must not have access to US and EU technology, in accordance with European Union and United States of America legislation, including export control laws (e.g. Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009 of 5 May 2009; U.S. Export Administration Act of 1979).

At this time, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria are on the said international sanctions lists. Due to the association of Crimea’s IP with Ukraine’s IP, if you are a resident of Ukraine, your access to the UiPath Cloud Platform is restricted.

UiPath may be able to make available the on-premise version of the UiPath Platform if you are an Ukrainian resident, but live outside the territory of Crimea, if after performing a series of background checks, UiPath determines you are not subject to any nominal restrictions. In order for UiPath to perform these verifications, please contact @ovi in a private message and indicate the relevant identification information: name, surname and address, together with the description of the issue.

Thank you,


Thanks, @Valentina_Ditoiu for the explanation.

I am trying to contact @ovi but there is no feedback for almost a week.
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

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