Not able to complete UiPath Certification - Site not working

Having significant issues getting through UiPath certification. Would like to get at least the Advanced RPA Developer certificate by the end of June; however, the test site is not working properly. Any advice?

Hi @mkirwan,

What about it is not working? I can seem to login to just fine. Is it the exams themselves that are having issues?

Please see the attached.

Logging in works fine. The problem is in answering questions. It takes a very long time to move to the next question and often the system fails to advance or it advances to 2 or 3 questions ahead (not allowing me to go back and answer those questions).

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@mkirwan That is strange, I would contact support or some of the UiPath staff on the forums for more information, seems like their servers are taking a hit at the moment given that some people have been waiting a while for their results to get back. So it’s likely that others are also affected in the same way.

Thank you. Kindof what I expected as well.

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