Not able to compile below code

new List(Of String) from {“Germany”,“Spain”,“Japan”,“Brazil”,“India”,“China”}

List1.GetRange(List1.Count-5,List1.Count-1) // Compiles
List1.GetRange(List1.Count-3,List1.Count-1) // Does Not Compile

Assign: Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection.

Hi @morandekunal
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list1.count is 6
List1.GetRange(List1.Count-5,List1.Count-1) this has index 1,count is 5 elements which means subset starts at 1 and takes 5 elements which is valid as total numbers of elements are 6


List1.GetRange(List1.Count-3,List1.Count-1) this has index 3 and count of elements that the subset must have is 5 elements and this is not possible as total elements in List1 are only 6, to get second statement correct you need to have List1.Count as 8 i.e total 8 elements in the list

if this is solves mark this as solution as this will help others aslo
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