Not able to click on Save As pop up in edge browser

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I am not able to click on Save as pop up in the edge browser window…the code was running earlier and suddenly the pop up window is appear as window not able to identify the saves as button and cancel button as elements … Any solution on this??

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Same issue here today on MS Edge.

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Ok is there any update on the edge?

It should be an issue with the Edge version. I found that as long as you upgrade to version 114, it won’t work. Rolling back the browser version should solve this problem.

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Yes, I just rolled back to version 113 and it works. Edge will try to auto update the browser again but this can be resolved with policies for the time being. Lets see if UiPath addresses this issue with an updated plugin or if Microsoft releases a new version of Edge.

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Hi, is there a way to stop edge and chrome from auto updating? Whenever we downgrade it to 113 version, it auto updates to 114 again.


Yes, as mentioned above it can be done with e.g. policies.
If you have an Internal IT department ask them for help, they should be able to help
you with the configuration. Also dont forget to disable/remove this after UiPath/Microsoft/Google fixes this issue, as the browser will not receive new updates/security updates.

Other useful links:

Should be similar for Chrome:

Up! Maybe we get an official answer from someone from UiPath on this topic. I bet it affects quite alot of people.

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