Not able to change any application

Hi Create a application in ui path trail version after creating this I purchased license version. I copy my code of application and paste in license system.The code is running successfully but I am not able to change in any code
eg I just want to change my sql query in execute query it looks like in read only mode.can you please suggest me what I need to do Thanks


Are you installed UIPath robot only in other system or what ?

Yes I create application in trail uipath is in my local I install IDE UIpath in new machine sever and copy paste this code


Ok. open the xaml file and you can edit the code.

Sorry But I am not able to add the code.Even when I am drag any activity like assign I am not able to write.


Could you please restart UIPath once and see.

If it not woks then uninstall UIPath and reinstall it again.

Even I create new project and I copy the sequence which I create in trail version and paste in new IDE ui path I am not able to do this also.may be it dependencies related issue…??

it works fine for when I create new application


Go to Manage Packages and update required packages. Hope this will work.

update but not works


Could you please uninstall UIPath and delete appData folder and then re-install it again.

No Actually we don’t have access permission this is done by USA team they will come at night.but I will to do it today.If after re installation not work for me then this will create a problem for me.Do you have any other option…?
Because I don’t think it will work after re installation because UI application will work all newly if there is any problem then it does not work for any application.but not work for old one application.


Give it one last try. Run UIPath as administrator and then check once.

not work I am attaching you with screenshot what will happened. when I am try to edit in query then not work.I am not able to change in query looks like a read only mode


Take one new Execute Query activity and copy paste this entire query and then try to edit it.

I am not able to copy this even I am adding new activity in this application
eg adding assign activity I am not able to edit any thing in newly created assign activity


First time hearing this kind of issue. I guess some issue with installation only.

I hope uninstalling UIPath and reinstallation will work here.

but when I create new project then every thing work fine and my older application even I am not able to type any thing on search activity.means search activity is also read only mode lol.I think this issue is related to copy paste or edition or create in different machine and editing in different machine…?

I create this application in community edition(trial version) and try to run this in IDE(license version)…??


As you are licensed version of UIpath, you can contact UIpath support team. They will help you.

ok thanks @lakshman

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