Not able to capture click image activity

Hi All,
i am not able to recapture the click image activity again by the option given by uipath.
i am getting this validation error image
Also i am attaching the property of that activity.
it’s urgent i need to solve it.

Thanks in advance

Please try to use click activity
get me back still have any issues

Actually, that is not a button that i will click it.

what is the scenario is that BOT open the PDF files and try to stamp on it, but there is one screen open on right side stating this PDF file is already opened previous, and that i want to capture it by clicking cross image to handle it.
so click activity will work?

previously what they have used is attaching the screenshot

This image is coming while running the BOT


which is already captured that it should click on cancel image and then try to do next activity, but it doesn’t cancel it and write the status is Unknown error.

Its better to close the pdf using close application activity once you have done with your logic
Please check with element exists for the ‘Reopen close PDFs’ popup, the close
for close button please check the selector. Please try with click button first. if it not works try with click image.
verify the selectors by compare with other close button if any other applications are opened while running the bot.

  • The image position changes the click image may not work
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Hi @Venugopal24
I tried with click activity and i think it is not working, error screen shot is pasted below

Also attaching the workflow
Kind help me to resolve my issue.

Did you try adding close application as suggested by Rakesh_Tiwari thus eliminating the pop up?

No, actually as per the process it should click on X button or if it is not clickable, it should click another button i.e edit pdf button and then try to stamp on the pdf.
The whole idea is it should by-pass the pop-up and try to call the other sequence, which will edit the pdf and stamp it.
I should not close the application.