Not able to add Cost Benefit Analysis details

For one of our processes in Automation Hub, I am not getting the “Cost Benefit Analysis” tab in its detailed view. This process is in Production stage.

Even when I try to edit the details it doesn’t give options to enter those details.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me on this.

Hi @pallavi.seth, welcome to our UiPath Community :slight_smile:

I suspect that you may be missing the role that is necessary to edit the Cost Benefit Analysis details.

You will see on our documentation for Performing the Cost Benefit Analysis, it states that the Project Manager is able to record the costs required for the automation idea implementation.

You can learn more about our roles here:

and here:

Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile: thank you!

After running my Cost benefit analysis on the automation hub i only got estimated cost benefits for the 1st and 2nd year, Please is there a way i could adjust the settings to get upto 3rd and 4th year??? I will appreciate if someone could help out please