Not able to activate Community licence

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Community version

Studio/Robot version: 19.3.0

Current behavior: Not able to activate the community licence even during first installation

Screenshot: image


Have you used Enterprise edition in this machine before ?


We can’t install community version once Enterprise edition installed in that System before. Check below thread:

But I have never installed any of the edition on this PC. In fact I have never installed Ui on any of the PC. Today only I have downloaded it for the first time,

Hi @NarenderSingh,

Well in that case you should contact support team

Contact Technical Support

Contact UiPath Technical Support department.


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Tried to do that but it is asking for the licence code for raising the request. How do I get that?


After registration, did you receive any email to download UIPath application. If yes, check in that mail. May be it will contain License code

Checked just now. No licence code available in mail. It contains three links, one for downloading the application, one to join this community and last one is to access tutorial. Can someone else raise the request on my behalf by entering their licence code.

Was it a cloned or cloud machine? if yes then its device ID maybe registered before. Try connect it with Orchestrator community may help. Else need to wipe out an OS and re-install.

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I am installing it on my laptop. How to connect with Orchestrator community?

  1. Go to and create your own tenant.
  2. Login to it and create Machine and Robot.
  3. Go to your robot and put and Machine Key from an Orchestrator.
    Image below from the robot.