None of overload groups have all required/optional activity configured


I am creating the below program:
Create a sequence that will read and set font, size, and style in Notepad without using the recorder

I am getting an error ‘None of overload groups have all required/optional activity configured’. I am attaching my program herewith. Can someone please point out the error that I am doing.Exercise 13.xaml (3.0 KB)

The workflow you attached is empty mate.

Exercise 13.xaml (16.0 KB)
Apologies, please find the updated workflow.

You haven’t indicated on the screen the part you are working on! In all the attach windows you will have to indicate the part of screen in which you are working on! That is a compulsory thing to do and which cannot be left!


@rahularoraspn check attached file Exercise 13.xaml (15.0 KB)

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Thanks Niket. It worked

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Exercise 13 (1).xaml (13.8 KB)
Here is the workflow!
If my suggestion worked please mark it as solution :slight_smile:

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