Non time based triggering of finishers after (multi-bot)performer ends

Hi , I have a Dispatcher(run on one bot) , Performer(which is a REFramework consuming a queue-transaction by transaction- and running on multiple bots) and Finisher(simple flowchart runs on one bot),

I am able to trigger the Performer as soon as the dispatcher ends by using start job activity, but I am not able to figure out a way to trigger the finisher after the performer ends

Any suggestions to trigger the finisher as soon as all the performer workflow running bots have completed their executions


Check any queue items with state New or Inprogess are there or not at the end in performer process. If it’s not there then you can trigger Finisher job with Start Job activity like how you did in Performer process in Dispatcher process.

Thanks Lakshman, I can add the start job easily at the end block of the REFramework(which will be executed when there is no more new transaction items) but since this performer is running on multiple bots in parallel(example 5 devices) so when the performer ends in each device it will send start job for the finisher ,so 5 start jobs will be triggered for finisher causing finisher to run on 5 devices(if available) but I need to run the finisher using only 1 device as its not in multibot architecture


That’s why I mentioned to check any Queue Items with New or Inprogess exists in the queue or not using Get Queue Item activity. Based on this condition, finisher job will be triggered in one Bot machine only. Can you please try this method and then check it once.

:sweat_smile: sorry @lakshman I could not understand your suggestion completely

The performer is in REFramework so until there is New transaction item the get transaction and process part will keep running , when there is no more new items it goes to end block and stops.
Do you want me to add a get queue item in this end block where if there is any New item is present(logically I think it’ll always be no new items) and send triggers to finisher if no new item is present.

I am confused can you please explain your suggestion once , I would be eagerly waiting for your reply
thank you