Non-Prudction License Type : Can Robot run completely unattanded?

Using a non-Production license,

When I run the robot from Orchestrator where the target VM is already open then it is working fine but when I just close the VM and run the robot from orchestrator is it getting failed on the login page itself

is it an issue with robot license type, I’m trying to run the robot completely in the unattended mode using a non-Production license before I move to production? is it possible ?


Hi @Vinayaka - Shoudn’t be an issue because of Non-Prod robot. You can use that for testing purpose.
The issue can be because of

  • selectors : Please verify the selector is stable
  • Screen resolution : Please make sure the UiElement is not getting hidden because of screen resolution. Just check resolution on the machine where you developed and pass the same in Robot settings. Robot Settings
  • Other pop-up blocking the application from coming in foreground : Just use take screenshot and save image activity after you launch your application to check if there is any hinderance.