Non Production Orchestrator Installation

Please help me understand requirements and difference between the Production and non production orchestrator installation.

There is no difference other then you are classifying one as “Production” and one as “NonProduction”. We use multiple separate infrastructure environments and the only difference that we have is the provisioned resources is a bit lower in our non-production setup and we are using NonProduction Robot Licenses instead of Production Licenses.

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Dear @codemonkee , Friends

Is there any license flavor called Enterprise Non-Production orchestrator same as Basic and Standard. How it is different from standard? Does it have all Orch objects and features like Multi tenancy, Folders -Classic/modern, Queue, Assets , fleet of unattended and attended bot mgmt etc ?

UiPath customers are also able to subscribe to non-production Orchestrator license. The non-production Orchestrator will have all Orchestrator features.

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Thanks @Matthew_Tan , Friends,

is non production orchestrator free if we procure production standard orchectrator ?

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