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When using a node locked licence, which means n users can connect to a robot sequentially, how can user 1 know that user 2 is using the robot?


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Normally the licence usage/consumption can be checked through Orchestrator, where you will be able to check the licence usage in the “Robots” tab.
If users don’t have an Orchestrator user due to internal policies ot whatever, they will note when entering Studio or Robot that the license is currently unavailable.

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So this is simply a pop-up that can be seen on the screen?

Concerning this type of license, do you know how exactly users can connect to the machine where it will be installed?


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In the UiPath Robot System Tray you can check the license status. It’s the little Ui icon that is located in your Start bar. If you click it, you will see either if it’s Connected, Licensed, Unlicensed or Unavailable.

The way users will connect to the machine strictly depends on the type of machine we’re talking about. The only thing, for sure, is that users will have to connect via RDP session to the machine which has the Node Locked license defined, to run or develop processes.

  • If the node is a personal computer, the maximum sessions it can handle by default is 2. So, you won’t be able to surpass that limit in any case.
  • If you upload the license to a server with RDS role, you can enter with as many users you want.

In any of this cases, only one user will be able to run processes at the same time.

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Thank you very much for the information.

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